How to Use Frozen Avocados

When you are striving to incorporate good fats into your healthy eating routine you undoubtedly have avocados handy and ready to go in your kitchen. But, the struggle is real whenever they ripen quicker than you can use them. But there just might be a new(ish) solution that will make your everyday green smoothie routine way easier.

Enter frozen avocados. 

Yes, these are now a thing and the internet is pretty much going crazy over them.

Apparently, they were launched back in 2017, but are difficult to find, so they are only gaining popularity now. Created by Welch’s, these pre-cut, sliced and frozen little chunks of goodness come in 10-ounce and 32-ounce bags, and contain 50 calories per serving. 

While people are certainly buzzing about them, they haven’t received rave reviews on Twitter. They are probably best to be used for your smoothie but opt for fresh avocados for your salads and toast.

What are frozen avocados?

Frozen avocados are avocados that are cut up and flash frozen.

How to use frozen avocados

Frozen avocados don’t taste as good as fresh avocado when frozen and eaten raw. However, they are great in smoothies, soups and other pureed liquids. Next time you grab a bag, try using your frozen avocados in one of the following meals: blend the frozen avocado in your smoothie, toss frozen avocado into hot pasta, puree frozen avocado into soup.

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