Your ClassPass Membership Now Includes Workout Videos!

No matter how much you look forward to working up a sweat in your fave fitness classes, sometimes there’s no place you’d rather be than home. We get it — and that’s why we recently added the ability to watch fitness videos, all included as part of your ClassPass membership! That’s right — now you can stream a class straight to your living room and choose from some of the top workout classes across the globe.

Here’s what you need to know:

Options For Whatever You Need

Whether you want to wake up with a heart-opening vinyasa flow or work up your heart rate with a dance or high-intensity-interval training class, you can find a video that works for you. You can also search for shorter classes, as well as videos for your fitness level, too. And can even play videos back to back! That way, you can work up your heart rate with a boot camp and cool down with a zen yoga flow.  Our library includes over 2,000 on-demand workout videos from some of our top partners across the U.S., Canada and Australia so there’s no shortage of amazing options.

Try New Class Types

It can be intimidating to walk into a high-intensity-interval-training class if you’ve never tried that style of workout before. Now, you can try out a new workout in the comfort of your own home before you trek out to a studio. That way, you’ll feel fully prepared when you hit up a class with your pals.

Never Miss a Workout While Traveling

If your job has you traveling for client meetings or the recent addition to your family has you spending more time at home, our videos are perfect when you can’t make it to your go-to classes. Stream a workout wherever you are and whenever you want for the ultimate convenience. Watching a workout video does not count as one of your allotted classes for the month. (And psst: check this out for equipment you can use in lieu of barbells, kettlebells and more.)

Recruit Your Fam and Friends

Going home for a long weekend and want to work up a sweat with your mom? With a variety of intensity levels, we bet you can agree on a fun yoga video. Make sure to let us know what videos are your fave and share with us on Instagram and Twitter using #ClassPassVideo.

How to Get Started

iOS and Android users can follow the ‘Video’ tab on their desktop or open their app and navigate to the video tab.

The best fitness studios, classes, and experiences are on ClassPass. Work out where you want, when you want, and how you want, all with one membership. Join our community on Facebook and Instagram!

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