Refreshing the ClassPass Brand

Rebrands are a lot of work.

They’re passion projects, for sure. And they require an incredible amount of coordination. Once all is said and done, we release our efforts into the world, hoping nothing breaks, people notice, and :fingers-crossed: they like it. Well, here it goes!

Today we’re excited to launch a refreshed ClassPass brand.

After five years and millions of workouts, it’s good to take stock of what we’ve done and where we’re headed. ClassPass originally launched to give people an easy way to book studio fitness classes. Over time, we’ve evolved what fitness means. Now, fitness can be fun. Fitness can go anywhere. Fitness can create new friendships. Fitness can deliver results rooted in a reliable routine, and results rooted in experimentation.

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The foundation

Since day one, we’ve had a strong brand. Word of mouth exploded early on, and we grew organically, with passionate users telling their friends about the platform. But we always felt like we needed to evolve our brand and design to express the same energy our customers had. And while people knew who we were, and we were making booking class easy, we also wanted to inspire you. To motivate you to take that class and to celebrate your accomplishments.” Now, as we further expand across the world, expressing all this in a big way became even more important.  


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Working it out

In the process of the rebrand (and it was a process), lots of questions emerged. How do we truly express the world’s most empathetic fitness brand? How do we motivate people to work out without being jerks? How do we sell ClassPass and studio fitness to people who’ve never heard of either? To answer those calls, we updated our brand language and voice. We redesigned our ClassPass logotype and ClassPass logo (the latter symbolizes the many steps you take with us). We commissioned a new custom typeface called Circuit (it’s a sporty little font, inspired by the connections you make as a ClassPasser). We streamlined design throughout our product. We captured new photography and video for campaigns and projects — all in an effort to make this brand as vibrant and full of life as our customers are on the platform.  

At its best, the new ClassPass brand celebrates the way you push yourself every time you press “book.” And with all this work, we want you to feel inspired — inspired to do things, to try new things, to find your thing.

We’ve put a lot of heart and soul into this effort, and we hope you dig it.

See you in class! 



Greg Hathaway is the Creative Director at ClassPass. Before ClassPass, he focused on brand and design at Maple, MoMA and various studios and agencies. Current hobbies include tepid NY Marathon training and caring for his twin daughters, in reverse order.