Friday Fuel From Body Ride in Philadelphia

When you’re halfway through a difficult class and you feel like giving up – it’s way more about your mindset than your muscles that’ll bring you to the top of the hour. If your mantra is more like ‘I can’t do this! I have to give up!’ then your body won’t push for the extra endurance you need in that last set of push-ups. But if you change all of those self-defeating thoughts to positive words of encouragement – like ‘I’m doing great! Keep breathing! You can do it!’ – then you might just surprise yourself with what your body and spirit is truly capable of. Sign up for a class at Body Ride in Philadelphia.  

Friday Fuel From Morning Crane Healing in SF

You’ve probably heard it a million times before a class: what is your intention for your workout? You probably think of all sorts of things, like what you’re struggling with or how you’d like to get stronger. But then as class goes on, you forget. While your instructor will remind you to focus on the reason you made it to class, if you put all of your attention on your intention, you’ll see results – not only in your body, but in the way you feel, too.  This weekend as you travel or have a staycation, remember to set an intention – even if you’re not going to class. What do you want to be better at? Where do you want to put your energy? Choose wisely – because where you place your attention, your life grows.  Take a class with Chris at Morning Crane Healing in San Francisco.