7 Blushes That Enhance Your Post-Workout Glow

Let’s face it: A makeup look is not complete without blush. Even the most natural look should have a little touch of color on the cheeks. Why? Because your cheeks naturally flush! When you’ve gone outside into cold weather, when you’re excited about something or when you get your adrenaline pumping from a good workout, your cheeks will naturally turn rosy. 

Of course, after a workout, it’s easy to forget about adding blush because your face will already have a natural, healthy glow. Make sure to add one of these seven fabulous blushes to your face after class, and you’ll be sure to maintain that healthy hue all day long.  

A shade that conforms to you

This Frog Prince blush by Lipstick Queen may seem a little scary at first, but it’s virtually fool-proof. This “smart” blush magically transforms a shade of pink that is perfect for your own skin by adapting to your skin’s pH. The creamy consistency contains avocado oil, jojoba oil and shea butter to give a dewy finish that can’t be beat.   

Buy it now: Lipstick Queen,$24

Honest Beauty cream blush

Nothing looks more natural than a cream blush that just melts into the skin. Perfect for a no-makeup makeup look, this formula can be dabbed onto the cheeks post-class with your fingers. No brush required.  

Buy it now: Honest Beauty, $22

Customizable blush/bronzer clutch

This customizable blush clutch gives you the freedom to choose a variety of shades that will look good on you after you’ve sweat your morning away. The shades are already infused with primer, so there’s no need for a second step if you’re in a hurry after your workout. Ingredients like ruby powder and pepper tree oil improve microcirculation in skin, giving a new meaning to a “healthy flush.”  

Buy it now: Butter London, $39 ($15 for refill shades)

Fruit-pigmented blush

The shade “Healthy” is the perfect post-workout flush. As the name suggests, this blush shade is derived from fruit pigments rather than synthetic dyes. This shade is a satin finish, so it’s not overly sparkly but not dull either.  

Buy it now: 100% Pure, $35

The does-it-all stick

A multi-use blush stick is any workout enthusiast’s best friend. We all know that after class sometimes you have only minutes to get yourself to work, so a cream multi-stick can be used as blush, lip color and sometimes even as an eye color, depending on the shade. Bite Beauty’s new Multistick has exactly that in mind, and is adorably-sized to not take up much space in any gym bag.   

Buy it now: Sephora,$24

The subtle powder blush

If you’re still getting the hang of blush, or are a little bit scared of bright pops of color, there is hope. Try a blush that is more about skincare than about color, like Han Skincare Cosmetic’s pressed powder blush. The formula is a delicious sheer wash of color, but is also packed with skincare ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and antioxidant fruits. You’ll love the wash of color, but you’ll appreciate the improved skin texture even more.

Buy it now: Han Skincare Cosmetics, $15

The drugstore gem

Some of the best makeup can be found in drugstores and from companies you’ve used for decades. Maybelline’s Fit Me blush is a great example of easy and cost-effective makeup. It’s oil-free, non-comedogenic (read: it won’t clog your pores) and comes in a large shade range to make sure all women can find a blush color that’s right for them.  

Buy it now: Ulta, $6

Lisa Bensley is the founder of BeautyByBenz, a health and beauty blog that is really just an excuse to buy too much makeup. When she is not writing, she's probably boxing, obsessing over her Dachshund, Stanley, reading, or binge-watching Law & Order: SVU. Follow her (and Stanley's) antics on Instagram.