12 Products Aussies Love Before and After a Workout

If you’re a fellow Southern Hemisphere dweller, you’re probably getting excited for Spring. Time to swap the beanie for the bikini, switch the cold cream for the sunscreen and nix the bone broth for that summer smoothie! To give your gym bag a little spring sprucing, we asked the ClassPass Australia team to dish on their fave products— or, better yet, the workout essentials they just can’t live without.

Here’s what they had to say:

Before a workout 

Colourful leggings
There’s no working out without the working gear, and I’m crazy about Nimble Activewear. I’ve also been adding a lot of Teeki to my activewear rotation. So many amazing prints…you’ll want them all!” Bree Pratt, Partner Success Manager Australia

A nourishing snack
You hear different reports about whether snacking pre-workout is a good idea. Let’s face it, though, no one wants their stomach-growl to punctuate the blissful silence of a savasana. I like to keep the Good Green Stuff bar by Nuzest on hand or a protein ball from Health Lab always gives me a little boost before a sweaty HIIT sesh.” Natasha Prasad, Regional General Manager Australia

“That sinking feeling of being halfway through a vinyasa flow thinking, ‘Did I put deodorant on?’ Eek! When working out, I love Rexona’s Clinical Protection Everyday Fresh, available at most supermarkets. Guaranteed to keep you covered throughout your class, whatever it may be.” Erin Kindt, Partner Success Manager Australia

Supportive crop top
“We all need motivation, encouragement and especially support. My favourite crop tops by Lorna Jane not only perform well but look great under my muscle tanks.” Allie Luetkehans, Director of Partnerships Australia

During a workout

Cork Leaf yoga mat
I take a lot of yoga and barre classes and love bringing my own mat. My go-to right now is Cork Leaf. Their mats are non-slip, anti-odour, anti-microbial and made from natural and recycled cork. They’re also lightweight and 100 percent biodegradable. If you need extra convincing, Cork Leaf plants a tree for every mat you buy. Win-win!” Natasha Prasad, Regional General Manager Australia

Water bottle
Water is a must for me throughout class, and at ClassPass Australia, we’re very passionate about sustainability, including reusable bottles. It just so happens that Kabi has a stunning range. They’re made of double-walled, insulated stainless steel, which keeps my water cold for 24 hours and my tea hot for 12 hours. They’re also unbreakable and come in a range of gorgeous pastel colours, including my favourite mint blue.” Erin Kindt, Partner Success Manager Australia

Apple watch
“I love keeping track of my workouts and knowing exactly how hard I’ve worked. Whether it’s measuring heart rate, calories, steps, my Apple Watch always keeps me accountable (and a tad competitive with myself!), which gives me a total feeling of accomplishment.” Bree Pratt, Partner Success Manager Australia

Nike sneakers
“Whether heading out for a run, jumping into a HIIT or rowing class, or popping into Hip Hop Dance for Beginners, my Nikes get me through every last drop of sweat.”Allie Luetkehans, Director of Partnerships Australia

After a workout

WotNot wipes
My gym bag always has a pack of post-workout wipes, and my all-time favourite is WotNot. They’re 100 percent natural and packed with certified organic ingredients. Especially handy if you’ve taken a lunch time class and don’t have time for a shower (or to endure the queue!)” –Erin Kindt, Partner Success Manager Australia

Frank Body peppermint scrub
“I like to exercise at the end of my day and then treat myself to a proper shower and a good scrub! Frank Body makes two all-natural coffee scrubs that not only buff and exfoliate but leave your skin gorgeously moisturised and smelling divine. It’s a must after a sweaty class and leaves me feeling minty fresh. Frank Body just launched their Fit Kit, specially designed for spring workouts.Natasha Prasad, Regional General Manager Australia

Hanako vibrational scents
Once I’m completely clean, I like to grab my favourite Hanako scent and spray spray spray across my chest. This is an awesome natural brand founded by a beautiful couple. As you spray your essential oil, make sure to whisper the words on the bottle to create your reality. My fave: I Am…Bliss!Bree Pratt, Partner Success Manager Australia

evo dry shampoo
“Post-workout, evo’s water killer dry shampoo is a total lifesaver! It soaks up the sweat and gives me a bit of volume and texture. Spray, pause, brush, and I’m ready to go.” Allie Luetkehans, Director of Partnerships Australia

Natasha Prasad is the General Manager for ClassPass in Australia and oversees all local operations. She's a lifelong outdoors lover and enjoys everything from a good game of tennis to a sunrise soft sand run and a downhill ski. She's also a travel-junkie and healthy-food nut and has a particular obsession for smoothie bowls.