Best Instructors of 2017: Washington D.C.

Living in D.C. has many perks, but we think one of the best is the top-notch instructors who call this city home. From spirited spinners to uplifting yogis and beyond, ClassPassers in Washington D.C. have access to amazing workouts taught by knowledgeable and inspiring instructors — but which deserve the top honors? We asked and you answered — these are Washington D.C.’s Best Instructors of 2017!

Lauren Cederstrom | Flywheel – CityCenterDC | Dupont

“Lauren radiates good vibes and positivity. Even though her classes typically have 50 or more people, she knows the names of most riders. Her routines are varied, her music is on point, and she legitimately makes intense cardio seem fun. I always leave class with a good booty whooping!” –Caroline

“Lauren is my favorite cycling instructor. She always keeps the energy up, pushes you to work hard, and she seriously lays down the tracks. She motivates me to keep going, to come back, and to get after it every day. ” –Nicole

“Not only does she play Kendrick and Ariana Grande on the same playlist but she perfectly times her ramp ups so that I’m not too exhausted to push even harder. Always a fun time in her class especially because I know I’ll be getting a good workout with good vibes.” –Melissa

Lauren always has a smile on her face, treats the people in her class like friends, and makes a point to get to know people. She’s super encouraging (and hilarious) and always has great playlists!” –Priya


Shafer Minnick | Sculpt DC, Reformation Fitness 

“He’s witty and hilarious and the best after-work stress-free workout one can get. He engages with the entire class, has incredible energy, keeps you motivated, encourages you to sing along to his meticulously choreographed and whimsical themed-rides, and a bonus: he has the best workout leggings and attire to match his mood and class themes! ” –Rebeca

“I only go to Sculpt when he is teaching and I have followed him to Reformation once or twice. He is honestly the most positive, energetic and motivating instructor. His classes are super fun but also an amazing workout. You can tell he is really dedicated to being an instructor and really feels like he is there to help you and make a difference, even if just for a short amount of time. He is vulnerable when he needs to be and keeps it real. He always does amazing theme rides, always introduces himself to new people and involves himself in the class throughout.” –Jessica

“Not only is he skillful with cycling he is also amazingly good at teaching and encouraging everyone in his classes. He has a great personality and motivation for others makes a big difference to everyone who cycles with him.” –Kim


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