7 Hacks to Save Time in the Locker Room

Here’s how you’re wasting time after class—and how to make it up.

Sometimes getting in a workout boils down to good time management, especially in the locker room. We get it—you’re scrolling through the classes trying to find one you want to try, but also eyeing the times to make sure they fit into your schedule.

Simultaneously, you’re likely estimating the amount of time you’ll need to arrive at the studio and get ready, and then the post-class time it will take to prepare to go to work, happy hour or wherever else you’re going. That said, maximizing those minutes before and after class can be the difference between getting in a workout or skipping it. 

Here are few hacks to get you in and out of the locker room faster than you thought you could:

Plan ahead

Preparation is key. If you’re organized on the way to class, you’ll spend less time rifling through your gym bag trying to find this or that. Keep things streamlined, and make sure you know where everything is located. For example, keep deodorant in the same pocket and bring your after-class clothes in a separate bag so they’re not mixed in with the contents of your gym bag. This way, you’ll easily have everything you need to get ready and get going.

Don’t pack unnecessary layers

As much as your workplace dress code allows, wear anything you’ll be wearing in class to the studio. If you can change at the office ahead of time, do so. Taking as many variables out of the equation before heading out means you’ll be closer to being able to hop right into the studio, regardless of what you may encounter on the way (think traffic, train delays etc). If possible, you can even incorporate your workout gear into your normal outfit.

Research the studio

If you’re visiting a new studio, knowing where everything is located can save you crucial minutes. Add in some extra time at the beginning of class to take a quick walkthrough. Note where the locker rooms are located and how many showers there are. That way, you’ll know if you need to hustle or grab a spot by the classroom door in order to nab a shower post-class.

Take a test drive

If you’re trying out a new studio but need to get somewhere right after class, visit the studio beforehand. This will help you get the feel of the shower flow, busy times and how much space you actually have to get ready. 

Get a gym bag that doesn’t look like one

If you’re stressed about carrying your gym bag, laptop bag, lunchbox and purse because you have a full day ahead of yourself, consolidate. Many fitness and lifestyle brands are taking athleisure beyond clothes by introducing sleek, modern bags that can expand to fit everything. 

Choose a locker closest to the shower. 

As soon as the clock turns ‘class over’ – having your locker the closest to the shower will make it easier to grab your stuff and start getting ready. The further you are from the stalls will make it more likely someone else can get in front of you.

Set your change of clothes outside of your bag before class.

Get to the studio earlier and unpack your change of clothes from your gym bag and set them on top in your locker. This will ensure you can quickly pick them up as soon as you’ve finished showering. 

Jake Goodrich is an avid sports nut and unapologetic fan of Steve Winwood’s '80s albums.