5 Hair Care Products That Will Change Your Life

This time of year, most people feel like they’re in a hair rut. Staticky hat hair runs rampant in most of the country, and no matter where you live, you’ve got to be longing for a spring refresh. But don’t fear: Switching up your hair care routine doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes all your routine needs is a little work in the shampoo and conditioner departments to leave your hair feeling soft, manageable and good as new. Or if products aren’t your thing, look into getting a hair blowout where the stylist takes care of everything!

Hair and scalp detox

Product buildup is a very real thing, especially when you’re using dry shampoo and going days without washing. While dry shampoo is great at decreasing the amount of times you need to shampoo the hair, like any other product, it builds up. Too much buildup on the hair shaft can make it look lackluster, while too much buildup on the scalp can inhibit healthy hair growth. Opting for a clarifying detox shampoo used to be very popular, but why not one that’s gentle enough for daily use and strong enough to properly cleanse the hair? Alba Botanica uses volcanic clay in tandem with tropical fruit extract—an exfoliation that doesn’t strip or stain the hair.

Buy it now: Hawaiian Detox Daily Clarifying Shampoo from Alba Botanica, $11

Strong, healthy hair on a budget

When you’re on a budget, it can be frustrating to hear about expensive celebrity hair treatments. Fortunately, drugstore brands are stepping up their game to compete with fancy salon technology. OGX recently introduced its salon-strength hair conditioning system, the Restoring + Bonding Plex Collection. The three-step system includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a bonding cream that you leave in to restore moisture. It’s meant to transform over-processed hair using keratin proteins and glossing agents, and it helps create a protective barrier against future damage caused by styling.

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Beach waves without the struggle

If your hair lacks texture, it can be difficult to get the beach waves you want without completely stripping your hair of its color and shine. Also, not everyone has the time or talent to manage hot tools. Shouldn’t beachy waves be quick and effortless? That’s the whole point, after all. Captain Blankenship Mer-Mane Shampoo and Conditioner use plant-based texturizers to volumize the hair, but not strip it. Ingredients like nettle, shea butter, seaweed, aloe and marshmallow root are just some of the natural components of the formula that make beach waves possible with little-to-no effort. It smells surprisingly citrusy and fresh, making you dream of summer regardless the time of year.

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No more shampoo

Ditching shampoo altogether for a “no-poo” or an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse can alter your very existence. The suds in shampoo can strip your hair of its colorwhich can end up being quite expensive to repairor cause more damage to the hair shaft by removing natural oils. A “no-poo,” or a cleansing conditioner, is a cream-based cleanser that doesn’t sud up, but still leaves the hair feeling clean. Another alternative is an ACV rinse, which uses the astringency of apple cider vinegar to cleanse the scalp. Think of ACV as a natural exfoliant for the hair. R+Co’s newest product, Acid Wash, combines ACV with aloe and tamanu oil for a gentle, nourishing and non-drying formula that will leave you wondering why you ever longed for suds in the first place.

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Unique scalp treatment

Healthy hair is unachievable without a healthy scalp. Switching up your routine is a great way to revitalize the hair, but sometimes a once-a-week treatment can do the trick. If you’re short on time but need to detox the scalp, try Bumble & Bumble’s new Scalp Detox foam. This product is made to soothe and gently stimulate the delicate scalp skin so that hair can grow stronger. The unique crackling foam contains micellar water, salicylic acid, vitamins, caffeine and moisturizers to clean the scalp and moisturize the skin. A few minutes of this foaming mask will have your scalp feeling clean and reinvigorated so that your hair can grow healthy and strong.

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