How to Become More Mindful

What is mindfulness? It’s not actually meditation – but more of a lifestyle change that can help shape how you look at your life, your future and your happiness.

The major components behind mindfulness are intention, acceptance and non-judgement. Living a mindful life is having the ability to understand the scope of any given situation, accept it as reality and acknowledge that the way you feel about it, whatever emotion that might be. Mindfulness is processing this information and figuring out how to continue moving forward in a positive way.

How to be more mindful

Practicing mindfulness can help to develop positive and healthy behaviors, reduce stress and even increase happiness. By directing your full attention into a task or scenario, you open yourself up to see the bigger picture. By taking a second to breathe and calmly assess, you will find yourself more equipped to deal with whatever life throws your way. And that’s a skill we could all use a little more of in our lives, don’t you think?

Less multi-tasking

Between working and working out, we all have busy lives, and multi-tasking is just short from being our official way of life. But imagine how much better the result would be from a task that was completed with no distractions? Pick one task in your day, and give it your full attention. Even if you start just by not listening to music on your way to work or putting down your iPhone during drinks with your friends – giving your attention to what’s happening now will make you happier. 


Stopping briefly to acknowledge your place in your life, your career or your workout journey and appreciate how far you’ve come, no matter how far, is in itself mindfulness. We all have something to be grateful for and expressing that gratitude, even just to yourself, is a really great improvement. (And share those moments in this month’s social challenge, #passthehappy! Find out more here.)

Keep trying

Being mindful takes practice and it doesn’t always come easy. Commit to at least trying it out, and explore the different ways to make it work for you. Within a month of making small adjustments, we bet you’ll notice quite the difference in your attitude, your relationships and friendships, and in your confidence. 

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