Morning Stretches: Stretches to Start Your Day Right

Picture this: you wake up in the morning and instead of reaching for your phone first thing, you reach one arm up in the air, stretching your spine gently. You repeat with the other arm, and immediately feel your mobility increase. Congrats! You’ve started your morning stretching routine and are on your way to a restful day.

Unfortunately, most people do not start their day with some morning stretching, but instead dive right toward their cell phones. Deloitte shows that 43 percent of people check their phones within five minutes of waking up, and 17 percent check their phones immediately after opening their eyes.

Using your phone first thing in the morning can have negative effects on your overall productivity. Kick that habit to the curb and start your day a new way, with some light morning stretching.

Not sure how to start your morning stretching? We’ve got you covered. We also cover stretching in depth throughout the blog, so if you want more stretching content, check out: Static vs Dynamic Stretching, The Benefits of Taking a Stretching Class and The Basics of Stretching.

Start with an Upward Stretch

Interlace your hands and press your palms straight up. Make sure to squeeze your biceps in toward your ears and breathe deeply, holding this pose for several seconds. Gently lower your arms back down and repeat the stretch.

Roll out of Bed and Do a Forward Fold

Bend lightly at your knees, then gently hinge forward to bring your ribs onto your thighs. Hands can fall to the ground or grab opposite elbows, gently resting against your legs. Let your head hang and feel your neck loosen.

Stretch Your Spine with a V-Sit

Bring your legs into a wide, “V” shape. Bend slightly from the hips and walk your hands toward the floor. Take a deep breath in, and let it all out. Feel free to walk your hands to one side, then the other if it feels good for you.

Wrap up Your Morning Stretching with a Chest Stretch

Get into a kneeling position, then interlock your fingers behind your body, lifting your arms gently. Extend both arms and pull your hands away from your body, opening your chest. Breathe deep, sinking into the stretch.

And that’s it! You’ve completed your morning stretching routine. If this sounds like a lot to do by yourself, try booking a morning stretching or yoga class.


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