Earth Day Sustainable Brands Spotlight

More and more, we’re realizing the environmental impact of our daily choices. Many traditional fashion brands have jumped on board the sustainability train, such as Rothy’s, Amour Vert and Everlane. For wellness and fitness junkies, many of your beloved brands are making efforts towards sustainability as well. From makeup and skin care to the materials used for sneakers or yoga mats, consumers are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint, particularly when it comes to the amount of plastic in our oceans.

As people move away from single-use plastics in their homes, they’re also supporting brands that are making huge strides in their sustainability efforts. There are plenty of cool brands out there that aren’t just revamping their previous practices but have also lived and breathed sustainability since the beginning.  

Check out these seven health and wellness brands that are making big moves with sustainability efforts as part of their brand missions.     

For your makeup

Eye palettes

Aether Beauty has come up with the beauty industry’s first ever 100% recyclable makeup palettes. Unbeknownst to most consumers, traditional makeup palettes have a lot of unrecyclable components to them and contribute globally to the plastic in landfills. Not only are the Aether palettes 100% recyclable, but a portion of the proceeds goes to environmental initiatives as well.   

Buy it now: Aether Beauty, $58

Powder foundation

All of Clove + Hallow’s compacts are refillable. Simply buy one refillable compact, and then buy refills as you need them for a low-waste alternative to traditional foundations. Clove + Hallow’s products are also clean, vegan and cruelty-free, with certifications from PETA. It’s the perfect little compact to pop in your gym bag.  

Buy it now: Clove + Hallow, $22

For your hair care

Ethique’s shampoo and conditioner bars are completely waste-free products. The shampoo bars themselves are solid, water-free, highly concentrated and made of plant-based and biodegradable ingredients. This means that the outer packaging is plastic-free and compostable, versus that of your traditional shampoos. Also, since it’s a water-free solid bar, it’s lightweight enough to carry around in your gym bag. These bars are a clean and more affordable option than your traditional shampoos — and they’re better for the environment.  

Buy it now: Ethique, $16

For your skincare

Bybi uses recyclable glass for the majority of their products, and they use biodegradable sugarcane instead of plastic on items like their best-selling Babe Balm. The look and efficacy of the bottles are exactly the same (if not better) than your typical plastic squeeze tubes, but they’ll biodegrade instead of lingering around in the environment.  

Buy it now: Bybi, $23

For your workout gear

Girlfriend Collective is changing the game on so many levels with their workout gear. They’re completely transparent about how and where they source the recycled materials used to make their clothes, making the clothes a more eco-friendly option while also supporting and cleaning up the communities where the materials come from. Not only are they affordable and sustainable, but they’re inclusive, too. Their website and social media platforms are full of women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life.   

Buy it now: Girlfriend Collective

For your athletic sneakers

Allbirds is a company out of New Zealand that is making their shoes out of natural materials, such as wool and sugarcane, versus the cheap synthetics that are rampant in the sneaker industry. They use natural materials to keep Mother Nature happy, and they give sneakers back to underprivileged communities around the world to keep people happy.  

Buy it now: Allbirds, $95

For your yoga mat

Manduka is always looking for ways to use recycled materials for their yoga mats. But they don’t just want you to buy new yoga mats — they want to reuse your old ones. With their LiveOn program, during your checkout process you can return your old yoga mat, regardless of what brand it is, and they’ll recycle it into materials that can be used to benefit other people.

Buy it now: Manduka

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