How to Integrate Well-Being into a Company’s Corporate Culture

Each year business publications are in search of the best company cultures from the regional level to the Fortune 500.  Regardless of size, some companies become permanent fixtures, as their cultures breed happy, healthy employees.

Of course, the decision to focus on culture is not a small one.  It’s an outward reflection of inward priorities and vision for those who are at the helm – which can be daunting to do successfully.  A Harvard Business Review article listed six components of a great company culture, they include: vision, values, practices, people, narrative and place.  Translating those values into the personality of your company is difficult, especially as it expands and grows.

Those visions, values and practices will all be unique to each organization — what seems to be universal in the execution are ways to help employees feel valued, cared for and encouraged.  When you review any list of the top Fortune 500 company cultures, you’ll find a deliberate focus is placed on employees — who in turn, prioritize your customer.

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Corporate Wellness as Self-Care

Across the board, companies with effective cultures provide incentives and programs that benefit employees.   At the top of many employee lists is corporate wellness programs that offer the motivation needed, and resources required to help maintain or achieve a healthy lifestyle.  When you consider how much time is spent at work in one’s lifetime — an average of about 13 years and two months — encouraging the physical well-being of your employees only makes sense.

An article written by SnackNation offers several data-backed reasons why wellness programs are so important for a successful company culture; these programs help:

  • Increase healthy behavior and curb the risk of lifestyle-related disease
  • Improve overall workplace engagement
  • Employees become more adaptable
  • Increase productivity as employees become mentally and physically healthier
  • Elevate company culture and comradery

How to Introduce Corporate Wellness

The evidence is there; offering wellness programs and incentives to your workforce is not only a benefit to them, but also to the company. However, knowing how to implement these initiatives successfully in light of your existing — or non-existent — company culture can be challenging.  Consider the following as you evaluate your company’s current or desired approach to wellness programs:

  • Understand your workforce.  Your company has a personality and those who work for it likely have certain personalities as well.  Take time to truly understand who makes up your workforce and what they value. Find the answers to the following questions: what are the demographics of your employees?  What are the different roles and how do they differ from department to department in terms of stress, commitment, experience, etc.? Regionally, where are you located — are there certain activities that are more popular or desirable for where your organization operates?  Take the time to breakdown who your company is comprised of and what they value.  When you do this, you will be more likely to implement a wellness program that resonates with your employees.
  • Make the connection between the company’s vision and the employee.  When employees see and understand a direct correlation between the company’s core values and vision with the incentive programs they provide, they will be more likely to become engaged.  This will take more than merely providing some gym equipment or healthy snacks in your vending machines. Messaging around the resources you provide needs to inspire and motivate employees.  Help them understand why the company is making it a priority and how people can directly benefit from getting involved.  Remember, people have the ability to sign up for recreational activities outside of work or visit a health store on their own.  Find a way to make it more than that – to make it a cultural aspect of working at your organization.

Wellness programs are a must when looking to strengthen and improve company culture. Learn more about integrating options that not only provide value to your employees, but benefit the organization as a whole, with the ClassPass Corporate Wellness Program.