ClassPass Instructor Awards 2018: Tampa Winners

Living in and around Tampa has many perks, but one of the best is the top-notch instructors who call this city home. From spirited spinners to uplifting yogis and beyond, ClassPassers in Tampa have access to amazing workouts taught by knowledgeable and inspiring instructors — but which deserve the title of best in the city? We asked and you answered — these are Tampa‘s top instructors of 2018!

Cisco Hernandez, SOHO Cycling Studio

“Cisco is the most motivational, butt-kicking, energetic cycle-diva that constantly pushes you to places you don’t believe you could ever get to! Tapping it right and keeping it tight as well as providing cathartic mental-psychological release! Like therapy for the body, mind, and spirit! The best kind of workout-cycle-dance party! I still can’t find a spin instructor that beats his classes maintaining physical challenges and keeping it fun and motivating!” —Elspeth

“There are so many excellent instructors here: Steven! Candice! But for me, the spirit of Soho is embodied by Cisco. It says it right on the door. They do not discriminate based on gender, age, orientation, beliefs. It is an incredibly welcoming place, and Cisco leads this passion. He is engaging, positive, motivating and fun. And his class is no joke. When he yells to the resistance wheel, you do it. And you accomplish things you didn’t think possible.” —Ken

“Cisco is by far the most uplifting instructor I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. He makes you feel like you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself. His classes are packed with fun and moves to make your body sore in all the right places. I have noticed a change in my shape after taking his classes. Cisco makes me want to get up and go to class because we’re always in for a great time.” —Jenny

“Cisco’s workouts are good for the mind, and most importantly, the soul. It’s a 50-minute sweaty class where your heart pumps, you laugh at how extra he is, and you genuinely enjoy exercising. I meet my friends there, we dance on the bike and leave feeling awesome. I have recommended his classes to anyone who likes spin. Cisco is the best!” —Samantha

Brooke Skelley, CAMP Tampa

“Brooke has a way of making every individual in her class feel special, recognized and confident. Working out was not something I did and now since meeting Brooke I actually look forward to her class! Her energy makes you want to try harder and push yourself past your limits. I truly enjoy her positivity and love her genuine personality. She’s an incredible instructor!” —Ali

“Brooke’s passion and energy in her spin classes are infectious and so motivating. Every class brings a new challenge, and I always walk out feeling so accomplished and inspired.” —Lisa

“She is an amazing instructor that truly cares about the lives of each one of her clients making sure they achieve their goals in a timely and efficient manner.” —David

“Brooke ALWAYS gets the entire class motivated and takes time to individualize the workout for each person. Her playlists are insane- it’ impossible not to feel amped during her classes!!” —Jocelyn

Prizing for our 2018 Instructor Awards is generously provided by Dagne Dover & LANE EIGHT.

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