ClassPass Instructor Awards 2018: St. Louis Winners

Living in and around St. Louis has many perks, but one of the best is the top-notch instructors who call this city home. From spirited spinners to uplifting yogis and beyond, ClassPassers in St. Louis have access to amazing workouts taught by knowledgeable and inspiring instructors — but which deserve the title of best in the city? We asked and you answered — these are St. Louis‘ top instructors of 2018!

Johnny Johnson, NutriFormance

“Different workout every time, always challenging but most important always fun.” —Gretchen

“Johnny is motivating, takes the time to get to know me, and is helpful at all times. Johnny is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had!” —Annie

“So funny and friendly. Thoroughly enjoy his classes!”  —Anonymous

“Can’t get enough of Johnny!” —Anonymous

Anna Spinks, CycleBar – Creve Coeur

“Anna is the perfect balance of drill sergeant and motivator!! Her workouts are intense and she helps me succeed in them. I used to HATE working out in the mornings, and now look forward to her 5:30am performance class every Wednesday. No other instructor has made me want to wake up early for a class. Anna is also so kind and cares about everyone who walks into Cyclebar, making it such an amazing community. She even offered to coach/cheer me on at an indoor triathlon outside of her work hours. I tried Peloton, and while I loved it, it could never replace the energy of Anna’s class and instruction.” —Lory

“Her energy, intense workouts, and motivation get me to her 5:30 am class. She’s so nice and so much fun. I always feel accomplished and confident after completing her classes (especially as they’re so challenging in the moment). —Lisa

“Anna is a very motivating great instructor. She is also very knowledgeable about spinning and helpful when we have questions. She also puts together great soundtracks to help make the class fun. She’s always positive, encouraging and cares about those in her class. —Katherine

“Anna is amazing! Look forward to her classes every week.” —Anonymous

Prizing for our 2018 Instructor Awards is generously provided by Dagne Dover & LANE EIGHT.

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