ClassPass Instructor Awards 2018: Los Angeles Winners

Living in and around Los Angeles has many perks, but one of the best is the top-notch instructors who call this city home. From spirited spinners to uplifting yogis and beyond, ClassPassers in Los Angeles have access to amazing workouts taught by knowledgeable and inspiring instructors — but which deserve the title of best in the city? We asked and you answered — these areLos Angeles’ top instructors of 2018!

Nick Andrade, Basecamp Fitness – Pasadena

“Nick is always going above and beyond for students in his class – he’ll answer any questions and help you with absolutely anything at all. He always has a smile on his face and makes sure to get to know everyone on a personal level. What more could you want?” —Carly

“Nick’s ENERGY is infectious. As a class leader he makes everyone glad they came, and pushes everyone to do their best, no matter what level they are at. Nick has a special gift of making every new member feel like he is part of the bigger family and his skills at inclusion are un-matched. Basecamp Pasadena has truly been blessed to have Nick be one of its instructors for the past 2 years.” —Jason

“Nick is extremely passionate about teaching and really cares about each individual that is working out. His knowledge and experience makes it all that much better. He’s always in a great mood and ready to kick you butt in class!” —David

“Nick is hands down the best instructor. He has a way to motivate you and make you want to do better. He takes time to understand your goals and capabilities and then works to help you improve little by little. He doesn’t overwhelm you. A million baby steps is better than a giant leap. He has amazing energy and an upbeat vibe. I have taken his classes for 19 months now and love how he has made me a better version of myself. Best instructor!!” —Ada

Jennifer Dapper, Basecamp Fitness – Santa Monica

“Great energy and always takes the time to address her students individually which is very appreciated in a group setting. She is skilled and offers her challenge and support with every class.” —Kim

“Jen is a consistent force driving me to be better. I can show up excited, tired, happy, stressed, energetic or injured and she knows just how to push to get my best. No class is the same, and every class delivers that good workout feel.” —Carolyne

“Jennifer radiates beauty inside and out. Of course she is a great instructor, giving clear and challenging exercises. But she also has such a positive energy. Jennifer is not afraid of hiding her age. As a proud grandmother in her 50s, she’s stronger than most of the students in her class! She is the picture of true inspiration!” —Julia Wong

“She is always the best person to start your morning with at 6am! Always smiling and has a great, positive attitude! She is also very considerate of our bodies limitations and reminds us to push hard but not too much to avoid injury!” —Maya

Prizing for our 2018 Instructor Awards is generously provided by Dagne Dover & LANE EIGHT.

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Lindsay Whitley, Pilates Platinum Brentwood, Venice, and Santa Monica

“Lindsay is an extremely competent and personable instructor who strives to make each class challenging, motivational and fun. You can tell she loves what she does and that she cares about her clients’ success. She goes out of her way to encourage each participant personally, and I love how focused she is on form as well as technique.” —Jon

“Lindsay brings an amazing level of energy and enthusiasm to each pilates class. She’s also great at reading the level of the students and tailoring the class appropriately. Each class is balanced, with tough moves and recovery poses scheduled throughout. If Lindsay’s teaching, I’ll be there!” —Michelle

Nic Knerr, Circuit Works and Sweat City Fitness – Santa Monica

“Extremely welcoming, very attentive to every participants’ posture and form throughout the entire class, and motivational!” —Charlotte

“Attitude, technical attention, sense of humor and music selection!” —Jennifer

Sara Tull, Mighty Pilates – Santa Monica

“Sara is by far one of the best instructors in LA. Her classes are incredibly challenging as she consistently pushes her students to challenge themselves. All the while, she keeps her students motivated and the tone of the class playful and fun with her bubbly, infectious personality. Sara is a true gem!” —Stephanie

“Sara is one of the best instructors I have ever had! She always kicks my butt – and always with a smile on her face. She is so welcoming and friendly and you can tell she really cares about her students.” —Sarah

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