10 Gifts for the Indoor Cycling Obsessed

You may be scratching your head about what to give your cycling-obsessed friends. Never fear, ClassPasser: we have you covered with ten great gifts for every indoor cycling lover on your list.

And if you’re a cycling enthusiast, too, consider this the starting point for your wish list.

1. For their feet

Lightweight with a flexible leather-and-mesh exterior, these shoes not only look super sleek: they also have recessed cleats and a rubber outsole, meaning she’ll look less like a penguin trying to get from her locker to her bike.
Give it now: Shimano RP5 Women, $90

2. For support

She can show off that fabulous spinning body with a bra that’s supportive and even more fashionable. The Adora from Lole is moisture wicking and stretchable and comes in a variety of colors to match all of her spin outfits.
Give it now: Adora Bra from Lole Atelier, $65

3. For hydration

Stop sipping toxins – and be good to the planet – with a stainless steel water bottle from ThinkSport. The sport top spout and easy-to-grip contours make it perfect for the bike, while the insulated walls ensure that (although she’ll be sweating), her bottle won’t be.
Give it now: ThinkSport Insulated Sports Bottle, $16

4. For everything

Her days of carrying a beat-up duffel bag to the gym are over: now she can tote all of her spin essentials and anything else she needs for the day, in this gorgeous bag from Lululemon. It’s waterproof, has a zippered section for sweaty gear, and even comes with a heat-resistant pocket for her hair tools; plus, if she’s also a yoga fiend, there’s a strap for her mat.
Give it now: Lululemon All Day Duffel, $158

5. For refueling

Help your friends refuel from class with a delicious protein- and healthy-fat snack. Macrobars are a great stocking stuffer and simple to throw in a gym bag for post-workout replenishing. Try the Balanced Goodness Granola + Coconut flavor for energy or the Peanut Protein to help rebuild muscle.
Give it now: Macrobars, $35 for 12

6. For her mani

Sometimes she needs to focus on something other than her burning quads. These nail decals are a cute (thematic!) distraction for those steep uphill climbs. Isn’t exertion a little easier when her fingertips look adorable?
Give it now: Etsy Nail Transfers, $6

7. For the sweat sesh

Not only are these eco-friendly, but they’re also small enough to tuck into a water bottle cage on a bike (no more battling to keep her towel on the handlebars). These towels offer a variety of cute designs to suit everyone on your list.  These also make a great alternative to wasteful paper towel for handwashing.
Give it now: UNpaper Towels, $25

8. For the footsies

A simple way to say, “You motivate me to ride harder!” – these bright socks in a light, breathable fabric with low cuffs will fit into any cycling shoe and make for a comfy ride. No bunching, thanks.
Give it now: Smartwool PhD Cycle UL Low-Cut Socks, $16

9. For that crazy hair

Nothing can kill a spin-class buzz like hair sticking to her sweaty face. Keep her bangs at bay – and make a big, bold statement – with a brightly colored headband.
Give it now: Lululemon Flyaway Tamer Headband, $12

10. For their booty

Great spin class tights have at least these three things: a medium- to high-waistband (to prevent them from falling down on those intense standing sprints), moisture-wicking fabric and good stretch. These shimmery leggings come in cool, neutral colors like Mocha Latte and Cinnamon Brown.
Give it now: Athleta Elation Shimmer Tight, $35

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