6 Ways To Take A Break This Holiday Season

Holidays are relaxing to some, and a great stress to others. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on, you may want to find an escape this coming season. Never fear, there are ways to escape the stressors of the holiday season in every person’s budget. If you go home for the holidays, find a way to escape for a day filled with fitness or relaxation. If you don’t have to go home, try a fabulous destination fitness retreat. Sometimes you can only escape the chaos of the holidays for a few hours, but we’ve got ideas for that too!

1. Fitness and wellness retreats

For the ultimate fitness and mindfulness experience, getting away for 5-7 days to enjoy an action-packed fitness retreat is the way to go. You’ll eat healthy food and work your body in ways you’ve never experienced before. Plus you’ll make lasting friendships with new people. There’s no better way to care for yourself during what could otherwise be a stressful time for you.

For far-flung retreats: Le Retreat

2. Spa day

Whether it’s a spa-at-home situation, or you have the time and means to get to your local day spa, reward yourself this holiday season with some self-care. Try a DIY bath or a face mask if you can’t escape your home, or book a full day at a spa with a Himalayan salt room.

3. Ski destinations

Get your fitness on with a quick day trip to the ski slopes. You may have to be back to reality the next day, but why not spend a day enjoying Mother Nature and getting some exercise while you’re at it? Salt Lake City or Whistler can be less crowded than somewhere like Vail if you’re traveling. If you’re not traveling, your local home ski resort will do just fine. You’ll be in your body and not in your head, and that’s the best place to be to escape holiday stress.

4. Escape into a great book

When you can’t get away for a weekend, but need to escape your loved ones for a few hours, picking up a new book can be an easy getaway. Whether you’re hiding in the garage or your childhood bedroom, getting lost in someone else’s problems can make you forget your own. Check out a celebrity book club list of must-reads, like Reese Witherspoon’s popular book club.  

Reese’s Book Club: Hello Sunshine    

5. Try an escape room

Take your whole family, or just a few friends to blow off steam at an Escape Room. Escape rooms are challenging and will take your mind off day-to-day stressors, as you’ll be focused on getting out of the room quickly. It’s also a great team-building exercise for coworkers, or to build bonds amongst family and friends.  

Find one near you: Escape The Room 

6. Volunteer

Whether you have your pick of islands to travel to, or you’re dead broke after buying presents for your giant family, volunteering to help someone less fortunate than yourself is one of the best ways to spend your time during the holiday season and beyond.

Find places to volunteer near you: Volunteer Match 


Lisa Bensley is the founder of BeautyByBenz, a health and beauty blog that is really just an excuse to buy too much makeup. When she is not writing, she's probably boxing, obsessing over her Dachshund, Stanley, reading, or binge-watching Law & Order: SVU. Follow her (and Stanley's) antics on Instagram.