Is Granola Actually Healthy?

When you’re regularly rushing from class to work to other life events — it can be a lot to juggle. One of the easiest quick snacks to take along with us for the ride has always been granola because of its seemingly healthy qualities. However, before you grab that next handful of granola, take a minute to read what experts are saying.

More often than not, our favorite store-bought granola features the words “healthy” or “organic” on its packaging, but it’s important to read labels, not just words. While granola is made with a base of oats and filled with things like dried fruits and nuts, it is often bound together by some type of sugar.

Cynthia Sass, a New York and Los Angeles-based registered dietitian, told TIME, “avoid anything artificial or ingredients you don’t recognize. The ingredient list on a granola package should read like a recipe you could have made in your own kitchen.

Overall, high carb granola is great for super active people, but focusing on serving size is really important. You can easily up the ante on its nutritional value by adding it to things like yogurt and opting for a grain-free version is a great alternative, too.


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