Prince Harry’s Mental Health Advice is Worth Reading

Is there anything that Price Harry can’t do? We all know at this point that he’s no stranger to tackling difficult mental health topics and opening up about his own emotional struggles. Recently, he and his wife, Meghan Markle visited Bondi Beach as part of their Australian tour to take part in something called an “anti-bad vibes circle” with OneWave, a local surfing community dedicated to raising awareness for mental health.

During the event, they sat in a circle on the beach and spoke candidly about emotional struggles and even ended with a group hug. Prince Harry, who seemed to be giving advice from experience, made quite an impact on others who were there.

OneWave member Sam Schumacher told PEOPLE, that Prince Harry, “showed us that actually opening up and talking about your emotions is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. And the sooner you can do that, it actually helps you so much. That was the thing that helped him so much.”

Pretty solid advice and a reminder that “everyone’s got something.”

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