If You’re a Fan of Hot Yoga, You Need This Towel

After years of apprehension and just plain fear, I finally went to my first hot yoga class two months ago. I walked into Y7 Studio with a million questions. Would I pass out? How sweaty would I get? Does it skew more toward bearable or awful? The list goes on. Spoiler alert: Hot yoga is incredible. Since getting hooked on it, I’ve been on the hunt for a non-slip yoga mat and yoga towel because well, I’m a yogi now.

Here’s the deal: There are so many yoga mats on the market. LIKE, SO MANY. Plus — yogis, prepare to cringe — aren’t yoga towels and hand towels basically the same thing? So, why should I pay extra just for something to slap the word “yoga” in front of it? Leave it to Gaiam to give me the answers.

These towels are a game-changer. After an entire class went by without having to adjust my towel (truly a first for me in my very long hot yoga practice), I wondered why every other yoga mat brand isn’t doing the same.

Amanda Garrity is a commerce editor and content producer living in New York City. She finds every excuse to go on an adventure, whether it's in her own backyard or across the country. She enjoys hiking, pretending she's a prima ballerina and drinking an abundant amount of coffee. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.