Here’s What Runners Need to Know About The New Apple Watch Series 4

Hello, new fitness features. 

With so much buzz happening over the latest Apple release: the Apple Watch Series 4, we’re over here wondering about the new fitness features and the impact they will actually have on our workouts. Spoiler alert: they are pretty awesome. 

A couple of weeks ago, Apple highlighted the new watch at their yearly keynote presentation and it was made available to the public on September 21st. The two biggest improvements have to do with safety and your overall health as the new electrocardiogram monitors your heart rate and new hardware actually detects hard falls and will prompt you to make an emergency call. 

Beyond that, the display screen in over 30% larger, making it much easier to see what’s going on while your running and not have to slow down or mess with your pace. The speakers are better, so phone calls will be much easier to make and understand, but will also be louder for users. And during workouts, the new watch promises an extra hour of battery life — which is extra handy when you’re using things like GPS. 

You will be able to do things such as challenge other runners, set pace alerts for running and compare your current pace to that of your previous mile. It’s a seriously great tool for runners. 

One important thing to note: many of the features are actually part of the latest iOS update, versus only coming with the new watch so you may want to compare between the older model to see which is truly right for you. 


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