According to a Nutritionist, Here’s When You Should Eat Breakfast

We’ve always heard the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But equally important as what you’re eating is what time you’re eating it. And a nutritionist spilled the beans on when that should be so that we can all take note. 

Philadelphia-based registered dietitian Theresa Shank shared with Women’s Health Magazine that she recommends eating within two hours of when you wake up. “Eating within this window sets the pace for a healthy appetite and stabilized blood sugars throughout the day,” explains Shank. 

Here’s why

If you go longer after waking up in the morning than that 2-hour mark, your blood sugar can get a little crazy and this is when cravings, over-eating and that feeling of being hangry set in. We don’t want that nonsense in our lives.

Obviously, if you have other health issues, then discuss this with your doctor, but generally speaking, it’s important to break up the fast from while we slept so that we can better function throughout the day. 


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