Here’s How to Take Your Kettlebell Squats to a Whole New Level

 If building muscle is your thing then you’ve probably found yourself singing “squats, squats, squats β€” everybody” β€” you know the tune we’re thinking of. They are a staple in many routines. The thing is this, if you’re not doing them properly, then they aren’t beneficial. Thankfully, Blake Lively’s trainer spilled the beans on something that will benefit us all.

Weighted squats, especially using a kettlebell, add a level of complexity to your workout that can make you even stronger. But…you have to be positioned properly. On Tuesday,  Don Saladino, celebrity trainer and co-founder of NYC-based Drive495 gym, shared an Instagram video that sets the record straight.  

The move, which he calls “single-arm rack squats,” mimics how you’d position yourself if you were holding an actual barbell in front of you and can be a true game-changer for your whole squat game. 


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