Here’s the Type of Massage You Should Get Based on Your Workout

Did you know massages are more than just a luxury? They’re a crucial part of maintaining your fitness! If you’re prone to injury or feeling like something’s missing from your routine to take you to the next level, it may be from neglecting your muscles’ need for some serious TLC. Pairing the right massage with your workout routine is a hack you definitely need to know about. Find your routine classes below, and book your next massage through ClassPass to get a leg up on recovery and achieve your next personal best in class!

Circuit Training: Swedish Massage

If you’re a CrossFitter or love high intensity/weight workouts, it’s a good idea to get a light massage before you hit the studio. While this sounds counterintuitive, it actually sets you up for success — your muscles are already warm and ready to work, safely. If your joints or muscles always seem to be sore, it may be a sign that you need to focus on the warm-up. Try booking a short Swedish massage before your next class. You’ll notice that over time, your recovery time will begin to drop. This massage option is also great for stress relief!

Boxing: Sports Massage

Due to boxing being a primarily upper body focused form of exercise, it’s important to spend some extra time relaxing your shoulders and chest. Sports massages are geared toward tuning up your most used muscle groups based on your workout. They’re easily customizable and focus on helping you build not only strength, but flexibility as well.

Strength Training: Deep Tissue

If you’re a lover of lifting all things heavy, a regular deep tissue massage is an absolute must! We tend to tear muscle fiber down during big lifts and challenging classes, which causes muscle soreness and tight muscles post-workout. If you neglect regular massages, it can cause knots in your larger muscle groups (back, hips and shoulders).

Barre/Pilates: Hot Stone Massage

Ever wondered what the benefit of hot stone massages is? The heat helps release some of the tightness in your bigger muscle groups so they can be worked on more thoroughly. Much like barre or Pilates class, the heat helps you stay present in the moment to focus on your muscle groups (this time for release). This technique is great for barre or Pilates classes where you work muscle groups to exhaustion. Try getting one of these massages after class to help speed up recovery and reduce overall soreness.


Mandy Gragg is a New York City-based certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor and an active fashion and beauty blogger.