Athleta Just Launched a Performance Underwear Line That’s Worth Getting Excited Over

For any woman that has attended class and wished that there was an underwear specifically made for that occasion (ahem, all of us) — it’s your lucky day. Athleta just launched a line of performance-based undergarments and it’s about to be a major game changer in your athletic wardrobe. 

We all know how hard finding a practically invisible underwear is to go underneath our favorite running tights. This has been a problem for far too long and we’re stoked that Athleta has done something major about it.

The Performa line is made of moisture-wicking, quick-drying mesh underwear for your more intense workouts, keeping you cool down there during your sweat sesh. Ah-mazing! It is perfect for medium and high-impact workouts, and it has bonded edges, which offer a barely-there-at-all feeling. 

Then, there’s that Natura which is most comparable to your classic seamless panty and is great for everyday wear but can totally go from office to class. They are all available for only $16 a pair and come in super cute colors to boot!

Photo courtesy of Athleta.


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