Research Shows Hopping in the Sauna After Class Is More Beneficial Than Ever

We all watch the movies where everyone seems to be taking a steam after they play a round of golf or hit up the gym, but new research shares that we really should take some time to relax in the sauna after class because the benefits are worth slowing down for.

The Mayo Clinic Proceedings published in a paper on Wednesday that makes the case for a great sweat sesh—after your original sweat sesh in class, that is. The recent results were pulled together from more than 70 studies published up through February 2018.

What did they find? They found that spending time in a sauna improves your vascular health, respiratory function helps with pain relief and can even elevate your mood. Pair that with some exercise endorphins and it sounds like perfection to us. 

The authors concluded that “sauna bathing, an activity used for the purposes of pleasure, wellness, and relaxation, is linked to a remarkable array of health benefits,” and we’re happy to hear it!

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