This Yoga Program is a Safe Haven For Domestic Abuse Survivors

If you or someone you know is a survivor of domestic abuse, you know that there can be a long road to recovery. This yoga program is helping to change that by combining the calming and grounding effects of traditional yoga with the sensitivity that domestic abuse survivors need in their life and it’s proving to be a winning combination.

Exhale to Inhale (ETI) is a nonprofit organization founded by Zoë LePage five years ago, while she was a psychology student at Barnard University and a yoga instructor in New York City. The free class features a unique method of trauma-informed yoga that helps heal students. For example, the instructors don’t move around the room or touch the students like they would in a traditional yoga setting, and the lights remain on. 

“When I saw what trauma did to several of my loved ones, I set out to create a program that I wished they’d had,” LePage said to Woman’s Day.

The classes are taught on a volunteer basis and with the financial backing of private donors and a few corporate sponsors, they have grown to serve a total of 20 shelters in Los Angeles, offering about 13 classes a week. LePage estimates that ETI has reached nearly 2,000 individuals.

“I hope we’re offering them an experience that translates on and off the yoga mat,” she said.


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