8 Genius Inventions for People Who Hate Being Hot

Summertime and the living is easy. Or, rather, the living is sweltering hot. We wait for these sweet months all through the chill of fall, the blistering cold of winter and the rainy days of spring, but it’s like we’ve forgotten how steamy the sun’s rays can really feel once the warm days actually arrive. Thankfully, some genius people invented some genius products to keep us feeling a little less sweaty during the dog days of summer.

1. A double-duty can koozie

This little cooler can hold so much: a soda can, a beer bottle or anything you can pour directly in it. You can even top it off with a cover and take it on the go. And don’t worry about your beverage getting warm—this container stays cold for up to 12 hours.

Buy it now: Combo Cooler from Swig, $25.95

2. A solution to keep you comfy at night

To those who suffer from night sweats: Your solution is here. This compact comfort system lies discreetly in your bed, then works by pulling moisture away and dehumidifying the air surrounding your body.

Buy it now: Comfort System from DrySleeping, $79.95

3. A way to keep your ladies cool

There’s no pleasant way to say this: Under-boob sweat is awful. It’s pretty much the downside to summer, but, luckily, these little gel-filled packs will save the day. Just place them in the freezer, and when you’re ready, place them in your bra for instant relief.

Buy it now: Cool58® Bra Coolers from Polar Products, $37.44

4. A device that chills your beer super fast

Is there anything worse than wanting a bevvy and realizing it’s room temp? Attach this drill bit-like device to your can or bottle, stick it in ice for a minute or two and, bam, you have a cold drink.

Buy it now: Chill Bit from SpinChill, $14.99

5. A towel that stays cold

If you like to take your workout outside or plan to dig in the garden on a hot day, this bandana will keep you cool. The PVA material activates when it’s run under water for just one minute, and the fabric is lightweight so you can even wear it under a hat.

Buy it now: Chill-Its® 6700CT Evaporative Cooling Bandana from Ergodyne, $5.35

6. Pajamas that keep you dry all night

Wake up sweat-free with this sleepwear company’s line of nightgowns, shirts and pants made with moisture management technology to keep you feeling cool and comfortable while you catch some shut-eye.

Buy it now: Alexia Nightie from Lusome, $51.75

7. A mini fan for your phone

Talk about instant relief. This tiny little fan plugs directly into your phone’s charging port and immediately starts spinning away and cooling you off.

Buy it now: Pandawell Mobile Phone Fan from Amazon, $4.99

8. A cooling face mask

No need for a spa when you can spread this refreshing mask on your skin. The other cool part? It also purifies and tightens your pores in the process.

Buy it now: Cucumber Tonic Mask from Mario Badescu Skin Care, $18.00


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