4 Common Misconceptions About Boxing

Boxing has become one of the hottest trends in the group fitness world, and it’s likely you’ve seen a few new studios pop up in your feed recently. Who’s taken a peek then shied away instead? I bet there are a lot of hands up out there! If you’ve passed on these classes thinking you’re not strong enough, intense enough or coordinated enough, read on. There are some major things you need to know, and they’re definitely going to change your mind.

1. You have to be an intense person to fit in.

Boxing often gets a certain stigma from our professional counterparts in the boxing world, however, being aggressive is not necessary, nor is it always true of many pro fighters. Instead, boxing requires mental focus and technique, which is exactly what your instructors will help you achieve. It’s definitely a challenge, but it’s so rewarding once you get a swing of things (pun intended)! It’s even a characteristic that carries over into other aspects of your life; you’ll feel more focused at work or in your other personal endeavors.

2. There’s a higher risk of injury in boxing than there is running or lifting.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. You have an equal risk of getting injured in a treadmill class, at the gym or even in yoga! Injuries actually stem from improper form or lack of focus, which is something you can mitigate by staying present in any workout class you take. Additionally, many boxing classes have introductory level classes that focus on building proper techniques with a partner who’s not fighting you. If you’re feeling intimidated, opt for one of these classes to get extra attention on your budding skills, and bring a friend for support!

3. Boxing isn’t a full-body workout.

While you use your upper body to throw punches, it’s the rest of your body that dictates how agile and successful you are in a fight. You’ll use your core to guide your movements, and your legs to dip below swings and build stances that will give your punches some serious pack! Boxing classes aren’t just time in the ring. There are footwork drills, jump rope sequences and even circuit training. Adding all of this together, boxing actually builds serious cardiovascular strength, so you’ll be burning major calories in every class.

4. The only skill you’ll build is learning to fight.

While boxing is a fighting sport, it’s not the only skill you’ll build. If you identify as uncoordinated or slow on your feet, this class is where you’ll turn those negatives into serious positives. Boxing builds full-body coordination and major confidence when it comes to our abilities to think on our feet. Take a few boxing classes and watch your ability to crush your next circuit or bootcamp class skyrocket! The more we focus on challenging our weaknesses, the stronger we become both mentally and physically. Say hello to a fresh confident outlook in all other aspects of your life!


Mandy Gragg is a New York City-based certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor and an active fashion and beauty blogger.