Build-Your-Own Leggings Can Be Bought on Amazon and Delivered in 2 Days

Stop everything that you are doing and run (seriously, take a moment to work up a little sweat here) to your nearest computer or phone because Amazon now has their own private label that allows you to build your own leggings. And yes, thanks to Amazon Prime, they can be delivered in two days.

You will want to wear these babies to class every single day.

Here’s the scoop: the brand is called Core 10 and it is Amazon’s newest addition, a private label activewear brand that features everything from sports bras to the perfect build-your-own leggings. The leggings range in price from $59 for the capri option to $69 for the full length. You have the option to choose between different lengths, waistbands, and styles. Thus, building the perfect leggings for you.

There is one catch (come on…you knew it was coming), the collection is a Prime Exclusive, so you have to have a subscription to order. We think it’s worth it though, just sayin’.

Photo courtesy of Amazon Fashion

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