We Tried a Green Juice Gummy Bear Cleanse And…

Naturally, when we heard that Sugarfina collaborated with Pressed Juicery to create “green juice gummy bears,” we were intrigued. As you may have heard, the amazing and unlikely partnership came about in 2016 as the result of an April Fools prank gone…right?

When we came across this news, everyone at ClassPass HQ asked the same question: “How have we not tried these yet?” And so we rectified the situation. The bears arrived, and after the collective “awes” and Instagrams ensued, it was time for the “cleanse” taste test. 

But first, the packaging. Not to be confused with ordinary gummies, these little green bears are shipped in their own customized juice bottle. The mini version is also sold in a box of seven—one for each day of the week—in true juice cleanse fashion.

We broke open a bottle and prepared to start our “cleanse.” We should note that “cleanse” is written in quotations purposely — neither Sugarfina or Pressed Juicery are really suggesting you should only consume gummy bears for a week. With that said, hints of pressed juice can definitely be tasted. The most prominent flavors, according to our team, were apple, lemon and a subtle hint of ginger.

All-in-all, the green juice gummy bears are a delicious, slightly healthier version of a classic candy (and also make an adorable gift). It’s safe to say that these are ClassPass HQ approved. ✓

Want to get your hands on them? Click here to visit Sugarfina‘s website.


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