Apple’s New Wellness Features Are Worth Getting Excited About

Okay, we get it. Another update? But in all honesty, the upcoming version of the iOS 12 software for both iPhone and iPad, Apple will include a series of features focused on digital wellness that will honestly have you running to your device to update asap.

Apple announced at their Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month that their latest update will prioritize digital wellbeing and we think that’s something worth getting excited about. 

What can you expect? First, an upgraded Do Not Disturb feature that aims to help people who look at their iPhone at night, thus distracting with the excessive notifications. With the new Do Not Disturb during bedtime, you can configure your iPhone so it doesn’t show you notifications when you look at your phone at night, or during hours you customize. This obviously isn’t just amazing for nighttime — it can help you prioritize screen time throughout the day, too. In addition, Siri will also prompt you to turn notifications off entirely or just delivery them quietly.

But it doesn’t stop there. You will also find weekly activity reports, so you will know how you’re spending your time digitally and have the ability to set timers for how long you want to spend on certain apps — particularly awesome for parents. 

And those pesky group text messages, you will now have the ability to manage group text messages in a much simpler way. 

You can find additional details here.


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