Trouble Concentrating? Try One of These Apps or Websites

Between coworker side conversations, a dramatic throat clearer, and kitchen commotion, it can be extremely difficult to concentrate in an office setting — or co-working space or coffee shop or wherever you get your work done. Luckily, others who have experienced the same issue have come up with some solutions. Whether you prefer white noise, calming music or stepping away from your computer completely to play a game, these apps and websites can help you get in the right mode, block out distracting noise and focus.

Warning: You’re about to be the most productive person ever.

If you prefer classic white noise

Need something, well, simple? Try SimplyNoise. (There’s an app too!) You can choose between white, pink and brown noise, and turn on the oscillation so it sounds more like a steady rain. It’s perfect when you really need to concentrate because the noise is so calm and consistent.

If you love stormy weather

The Rain Rain app might claim to help you sleep, but the steady sound is also perfect for getting. work. done. It offers over 25 free sounds, the ability to mix sounds to create custom ambiances and includes a sleep timer (just in case you actually use it to snooze).

If you prefer variety

Are you someone who can’t stand to stay on the same radio station for more than a couple of songs? Check out Radio Garden. You can browse sites from around the world, including foreign language stations. Some people find it easier to concentrate when listening to a song not in their native language — it’s a bit like working in a busy coffee shop when the noise muffles together!

If you really need a break

Whether you need to take a breather during your lunch hour or stay focused to finish up a project, Jason Stephenson on YouTube is the answer. He creates various content, from guided meditations to music for sleep or deep concentration. Plus, no interrupting ads like you might experience on streaming stations. Subscribing now!

If you want a mental shift

Does your brain feel like it needs a massage? Take your focus off whatever you’re working on with the Lumosity app. It includes a variety of brain games that can help improve your memory, attention and other mental skills to enhance various aspects of cognition.

If you like coffee shops

The constant hustle and bustle can actually help you concentrate in a space that’s either too quiet or if you’re distracted by hearing a single person’s conversation. Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better.

If you’re addicted to your phone

Can’t put your phone down? Forest provides a clever solution. In this app, you plant a seed, then allow it to gradually grow into a tree by not tapping your phone or leaving the app. If you can’t resist, your tree will die. If you’re successful, your tree will grow into a beautiful forest.


Emily is a recent graduate and proud Midwesterner who just moved to the big city to start her career in magazine journalism. When she isn't commuting between Brooklyn and Manhattan, she enjoys browsing bookstores for her next read, sipping chai tea lattes at local coffee shops, and playing tourist in the city she always dreamed of living in.