6 Easy Ways to Save Time in The Morning

Sometimes sleeping in for a few extra minutes feels too good to pass up. However, running late for a workout class or to work can ruin your entire day. With a little prep work the night before, you can save time in the morning and show up where you need to be on time and relaxed. Save the sweating for the workout and put your energy into these six easy hacks.

1. Dry shampoo before needed

Most people use dry shampoo on their second or third day after washing their hair. However, dry shampoo can be used as a preventative measure. Use it the night before you think you’ll need it, and you’ll have less oil to combat in the morning. By using dry shampoo before hair gets oily, you’ll get mega-texture and volume and save yourself precious morning minutes.
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2. Meal plan

Very rarely do people have time to eat a healthy breakfast and pack a lunch for work in the morning. By meal planning the night before, or, even better, planning the entire week on a Sunday, you’ll save crucial time in the morning. Plan and pack your meals beforehand with easy-to-read labels so you can grab and go.

3. Don’t wash your face

Washing your face at night is crucial. You have to get your sunscreen and makeup off your face so your pores don’t get clogged. But if you wash your skin and properly moisturize at night, you don’t need to wash it again in the morning. Try “washing” with a Micellar Water or a toner instead. It’ll clean off the dead skin cells from the evening before but won’t dry the skin out or require multiple steps to rehydrate.
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4. Pick your outfit the night before

This common-sense move saves a lot of time and frustration in the morning. By laying out your whole outfit, and even including undergarments, there will be no rifling around in a dark and confused state. Make sure to check the weather as well so that you can prepare for inclement weather like snow or rain.

5. Sleep with hair in a bun

If you have little time in the morning, heat styling your hair can be a chore. Give yourself beachy waves by sleeping with your hair in a loose bun or a braid. Prep the hair with leave-in conditioner or frizz-fighter before putting it in a bun, and then all you’ll have to do in the morning is brush the waves out for a relaxed look.
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6. Moisturize in the shower

There’s no need to make showering and moisturizing two separate steps. By moisturizing your skin in the shower while it’s still wet, your moisturizer or body oil will penetrate better. Try a version that’s rich in antioxidants to nourish the skin, but if you also pick one that smells good, you’ll save the time you’d spend applying your fragrance.
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Lisa Bensley is the founder of BeautyByBenz, a health and beauty blog that is really just an excuse to buy too much makeup. When she is not writing, she's probably boxing, obsessing over her Dachshund, Stanley, reading, or binge-watching Law & Order: SVU. Follow her (and Stanley's) antics on Instagram.