4 Workouts That Will Give You More Energy

Feeling sluggish these days, or overly exhausted by your regular workout routine? We’ve all been there. However, there are ways to change things up to get yourself back to feeling totally on top of your game, with just a simple change to your weekly workout lineup! The following types of exercise will help boost your energy levels, and also help you perform your best across the board in your regular workouts.

1. Cryotherapy

While not considered a classic workout, these sessions will help your body not only recover, but also help you work on your metabolism at the same time! How so? During a standard full-body cryotherapy session, your body will be exposed to extreme cold for up to 180 seconds (think -100 to -175 degrees Celsius). By bringing your skin temperature to around 32 degrees, you’ll force your body to perform regulatory functions like reducing pain, inflammation, and increase your heart rate. An added benefit? You’ll burn around 500-900 calories over the next 12 hours! Try using some of your ClassPass credits for wellness with a local cryotherapy session.

2. Body Weight Cardiovascular Focused Workouts

If you’ve been hitting it hard in the gym with some heavy lifting or more strenuous forms of exercise, trade out a class or two for one that focuses on cardiovascular work. Running, dance cardio and boxing are a great way to get the blood pumping, and your energy levels up! This is commonly referred to as calm energy, which is considered the most long-lasting. Give that local Zumba or kickboxing class a try, and see a boost in your overall energy later in the week!

3. Float Therapy

Rest is one of the most important parts of keeping your body energized for your work week, as well as in your regular workouts. Studies have shown that floatation and sensory deprivation methods help us decrease anxiety and stress, which as a result, helps us build more energy to do the things we love when it comes to workouts. These sessions are available on ClassPass, so try adding this to your weekly routine to see a boost in energy as a result of better sleep and lower level of stress post-float!

4. Restorative Yoga

Continuing on the calm energy workouts, restorative yoga focuses on longer holds in poses and breathing. Our breath is a movement, much like our other workout moves, and should be treated as such when it comes to getting the most out of your workout energy wise. Try a class at your local studio, and see a huge difference in your day to day energy levels, as well as during your favorite more high impact workouts!

The best way to stack your sessions of these workouts is to pair one of the wellness options with one of the workouts. For example, try switching out your regular yoga class with a restorative option and add a cryotherapy session to your weekly lineup.


Mandy Gragg is a New York City-based certified personal trainer and an active fashion and beauty blogger. She shares her fitness, fashion, and skincare tips on her blog Haute Unofficial. Follow her sporty adventure on Instagram for more fitness, beauty, and active fashion inspo.