5 Cheap, Yet Meaningful Ways to Treat Mom This Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day we like to think the classic saying, “it’s the thought that counts,” has even more meaning. It’s a time to celebrate the strong women who have earned the prestigious title of “Mom” and all of the gifts that they’ve given us over the years.

While finding the right gift to thank her might seem difficult, it might be a lot easier than you think. This list of inexpensive, yet meaningful gifts will give you and Mom a day you won’t forget.

1. DIY spa treatment

There are a ton of DIY recipes for skin scrubs, face masks, hair masks and more out there — many of them are even better than what you can buy in the store. Get on Pinterest and search for something you think Mom will like. Chances are, you have most of the ingredients right in your kitchen. Grab some of her favorite snacks and set up a designated space. Then you can treat her to a fun day of pampering, relaxation and conversation.

2. Cook for her

If breakfast in bed seems a little cliche, go for lunch or dinner (at a table) instead. After all the time she has spent cooking meals for you, it’s nice to cook one in return once in a while. Try to find something she likes but rarely has or introduce her to something new. If you’re nervous about dabbling in the kitchen, choose something simple and practice the recipe a few days before. You can always have a takeout menu on hand just in case — we’re pretty sure she’ll appreciate the effort either way.

3. Stroll down memory lane

Though embarrassing to our teenage selves, most moms like to reminisce and talk about their kids when they were, well, kids. If for only a day, embrace it. Break out the scrapbooks and home videos and take a stroll down memory lane. Talk about the good times and the hard times and ask her questions — you might learn something and find new ways to relate to her.

4. Literally, take a stroll

Why not get in a little exercise while you celebrate Mom? Take some time to get outside and enjoy a conversation. You can reminisce or just ask her what’s new in her life and what she is looking forward to in the coming months. And who knows, a walk around the neighborhood might give you plenty of things to talk about.

5. Mom’s choice

Let Mom choose how she wants to celebrate her day. Give her a list of local events or experiences to choose from and leave the decision to her. Just make sure you’re prepared to do whatever you include on the list. It can even include some of the things we mentioned above. The fact that you put some planning into letting her decide how she wants to enjoy her day already says a lot.

Happy Mother’s Day!