Apple Watch is Credited With Saving This Man’s Life

When my husband first got his Apple Watch and it told him to take deep breaths as we were sitting in traffic, it made us giggle — but it was actually spot on. It’s amazing what this device is capable of doing. This New York man credits the watch for quite literally, saving his life last month. 

William Monzidelis, 32, was working at his family’s bowling alley in the Bronx when he became dizzy and had unexplained bleeding, NBC New York reported. And after tracking his alarmingly fast pulse, the Apple Watch alerted him to seek medical attention immediately. 

Then, on the way to the hospital, he began hemorrhaging and having seizures in the car. Upon arriving at the hospital, doctors discovered that Monzidelis has an ulcer that had ruptured. He credits the Apple Watch as a “little angel watching me” because, with no prior health issues, he might not have gotten to the hospital in time.

I guess I’ll be heading to the Apple store this weekend…

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