Why ClassPass Is the Best Fitness Solution For You

There’s no denying that having thousands of the best workouts right at your fingertips is one of the great benefits of ClassPass. As our 5th birthday approaches, we’re sharing some of the other amazing benefits that a membership offers, and while some are new, many have been there for you all along. Whether you’ve heard of it, tried it or use it religiously, we want you to know the ins and outs of our product so that you can get the most out of your membership.


With ClassPass, members have access to the largest inventory of studio fitness classes in the world — which means the opportunities and adventures are endless. In addition to the fun, switching up your workouts and surprising your muscles has been proven to yield better results.

“ClassPass is great! It gives me the flexibility to try many different types of exercise and go back to the ones I like. I would recommend it to anyone who wants the benefits of more than one studio/gym without the high price tag!” –Jennifer, Denver, CO

Filling your week with everything from ballet to boxing will keep you and your muscles engaged in every workout. Plus, you can find amazing workouts you would never have thought of trying — just ask the aqua cycling enthusiasts and the high-flying trapeze lovers out there.


ClassPass works with your schedule. Whether you like planning your weekly classes in advance or booking them the day of, the choice is yours. No matter how you book or when you book, there are no contracts or commitments required, so consider yourself free of the binding chains known as gym contracts.

“As someone who travels frequently for work, I love the ability to change my geographic location and check out classes in new cities. I also appreciate access to online class (the pre-recorded versions) when I don’t feel like venturing from home or my hotel room.” –Sarah, Los Angeles, CA

On vacation? Traveling for work? Bring your membership with you and trade the subpar hotel gym for a top local studio. ClassPass’ “flex” feature allows you to simply change your location to find and visit the best studios in the area — wherever you are. On-demand videos (free with subscription) and the new ClassPass Live service are also available to give you the most comprehensive suite of workout options in one app.


As our product has evolved, it continues to be one of the best values in studio fitness. The new dynamic, credit-based pricing allows you to find certain classes at even lower prices. Plus, now you can carry over up to ten credits per cycle for those times when you just can’t get to as many classes as you would have liked to.

“ClassPass is a game changer. I prefer to do classes rather than go to a gym and wander around and have to discipline myself, and I like to mix up my fitness methods. I love ClassPass because I can take a variety of classes and try new things based on what kind of mood I’m in. Furthermore, joining a barre studio or CrossFit gym is expensive. I love ClassPass and appreciate that our suggestions are taken into consideration and improvements are being made.”–Shannon, New York, NY

And finally, one of our most exciting updates is our expansion into wellness!* We believe in nurturing the mind, body and soul, which is why offering wellness experiences to our members is so important to us. Take a class, get a massage and focus on YOU with the help of ClassPass.


*While we can’t wait to deliver wellness to all of the cities we love, these options are only available in New York City at the moment. Don’t worry; we’ll be in your neighborhood spa soon.