Summer is Coming! Here Are 4 Moves That Tone and Tighten Fast

Whether you’re in need of a quick fix or want to add a mega boost to your current workout routine, there are some moves you need to know about ASAP. When it comes to squeezing the most bang for your buck out of exercises, compound moves are the recipe for cashing out like a boss! The following movement patterns will not only help you tighten and tone your major muscle groups but also help you build a boss babe/dude posture and an overall improvement in coordination. Are you ready to get to it?

1. Squat to overhead tricep extension

Working vertically is a great way to help build a strong stance and improved posture. With this exercise, you’ll lengthen your spine and work all of your major muscle groups from head to toe. Legs, core, shoulders and triceps are game players during this exercise. The weight is meant to be lighter across all muscle groups to focus on proper form and lengthening of your muscle tissue with every rep. Here’s how:


Stand tall, bringing one weight (or a straight bar for a challenge) overhead. Squat down slowly, keeping the weight in your heels and your abdominals engaged. Standing out of the squat while keeping your arms straight, bend at the elbows at the top of the squat and lower your triceps into the bottom of your extension. Press up, and give yourself 11 more solid reps to complete the set!

2. Reverse lunge to medicine ball twist

This exercise will help to build balance and define your waist! You’ll work your biceps, shoulders, core and legs with this exercise.


With a medium-weight medicine ball (10-15 pounds), step back into a reverse lunge. As you lunge, hold out the medicine ball and twist your body to one side. Important tip: This exercise requires extra abdominal engagement to protect your spine from rotational injuries. Don’t worry, though! Simply draw your belly button back toward your spine, and exhale as you twist. Bust out an extra nine reps to complete your set!

3. Burpee to push up

Here, you’ll work your core, chest and back muscles, and the movements from standing to plank will ensure maximum lengthening of all your muscle groups.


Stand tall and strong with your core engaged. Bending from the hip and place your hands firmly on the ground, hop back with both feet into a plank position and drop into a push-up. Hop forward after your push-up and return to the starting position. Complete nine more reps to complete your set.

4. Forearm plank low crawl

Do this one for speed, or add some weight for an added boost! This exercise works your core, back and shoulders.


Using a pair of gliders or a gym towel under your toes, get into a forearm plank position. Keeping your head in line with your spine is very important during this exercise; doing so will help mitigate a sore neck and keep your posture at the top of its game! Exhale each time you pull forward with each elbow and sink into a consistent pulling rhythm. You can choose to go for length or speed, depending on your fitness level. Make this one work for you!


Mandy Gragg is a New York City-based certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor and an active fashion and beauty blogger.