Top Instructors’ Dos and Don’ts to Crush Your Summer Fitness Goals

With the unofficial start to summer just around the corner, now might be the time to revisit your New Year’s resolutions in a last-ditch effort to drop a few pounds, build muscle mass, get stronger or whatever it may be. While time is ticking, it’s not crunch time (no pun intended) just yet.  

Smash your fitness and wellness goals so you can look and feel your best this summer with these dos and don’ts from top ClassPass instructors.

DO focus on short-term, attainable goals

“You can’t expect to build Rome in a day. While it’s important to keep the end-goal in sight, I find it more motivating to think in short-term goals,” Lauren Zerante, Yoga Sculpt instructor at CorePower Yoga River North shares.

Your goals can start off small — lifting five pounds heavier than you usually would or increasing your running pace by .1. “Focusing on small improvements each time will take you to the finish line,” she says.

DO use the power of your community

There are so many new workouts you can try on ClassPass nowadays. Chances are you’re more likely to commit to class if you have a buddy there with you.

“Social support is the best way to stay motivated and positive. You can’t skip a workout when you have three friends waiting to crush with you,” explains Bret Gornik, Instructor, Barry’s Bootcamp River North.

DO sign up for a race

With the spring running season officially underway, now’s the perfect time to lace up your shoes and hit the pavement.

“When you have something to train for, it gives you another level of commitment,” Gornik says.

Run-centric workouts are great preparation for running the real thing. Check out this post featuring four awesome running groups in Chicago, Boston, Denver and Tampa — best of all; they’re all on ClassPass!  

DON’T panic

“If you stay committed, you will see progress. And yet, there might be moments in your fitness journey when you feel like you’ve taken a step back or fallen off the wagon. That’s okay! Use that set back as ammunition to push a bit harder during your next opportunity!” says Jeremy Siefken, Instructor at Flywheel River North.

“Every workout, we gather information about ourselves and our abilities…lifting x lbs, running x miles at x pace, increasing torq x amount, etc. Use that information to guide you through your next challenge and you won’t feel like you’re fitness goals have flatlined.”

DON’T be too hard on yourself

Consistency and accountability are key to achieving any goal you might have set in the new year, but it’s not worth dwelling on any slip-ups you might have had.

“I’m guilty of being my own toughest critic, but learning to ease up and focus less on being perfect has allowed me to achieve goals that I’ve set while enjoying the process,” says Zerante.

DON’T overdo it

Rest and recovery are optimal to any fitness program. Aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night and incorporate foam-rolling into your fitness routine whenever possible.

Check out this ClassPass guide for a more in-depth look at rest and recovery.


If you’re behind on your summer fitness and wellness goals, now’s a good time to get started!

Maybe you’re worried about having gained a few pounds this past winter, but don’t sweat it. Have fun with your fitness routine. Get moving any way you can. Find a buddy to keep you motivated. The most important thing you can do is to celebrate your achievements and how far you’ve come. And don’t ever take yourself too seriously!


Ned Tadic is a tech PR professional based in Chicago. When he's not bopping through various ClassPass studios in Chicago, he can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee, attending live shows or biking on the Chicago Lakefront. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.