Sweatiquette 101: 5 Things You Should Never Do in Class

For many of us, working out is the 45 minutes to an hour of the day that gets to be totally and completely dedicated to ourselves. When we’re there, we want to truly be there and avoid any interruptions to our well-deserved, endorphin-driving bliss. While we love group fitness classes for the motivation and socialization, we’ve all come across a few less-than-pleasant interruptions that have put a damper on our experience. So for the sake of “sweat-etiquette,” study up on these five things you should really avoid doing in class:

1. Show up late

There are two sides to someone showing up late to class. Either you are the one being distracted by the interruption of someone opening the door, hurrying in and having to find a mat or bike (and to add to the confusion, often in complete darkness), or you are the person feeling awkward and ashamed at having caused such a disruption to both the instructor and other classmates. Either way, it doesn’t feel good. Please try to be on time, okay? We know things like traffic and last minute work emails sometimes get in the way, so we always advise allotting yourself extra time to get to class to avoid these unwarranted catastrophes. Plus, getting there early never hurts — it means you get to scout out your favorite spot by the mirror or take extra time to warm up.

2. Use your phone

We get it — mirror selfies in your brand new activewear and boomerangs of you tapping it back can be really tempting when you’re excited about working out, but please don’t use your phone in class. Not only is it distracting to your neighbors and instructor, but it’s also taking you away from your workout and causing you to miss precious moments of “me-time.” Must we even mention the number of germs your phone can cling to when surrounded by your and everyone else’s sweat? Yeah, gross. So keep that phone in your locker, or better yet, on “Do Not Disturb” mode (the key to staving off calls from Mom in the middle of class) and say hello to a good ol’ fashioned tech-free workout.

3. Talk with your friends

Class should be a social experience, but just as texting in a group chat during class is distracting, so is chatting with your friends in the middle of class. Even if that awkward move in barre class has you two cracking up with laughter, it can be disruptive to your instructor who is trying to relay instruction and feedback to other classmates. So if possible, keep it to a whisper or make plans to gab and catch up after class.

4. Take too long of a shower

Ah, the infamous a.m. shower lines. Can’t live with ‘em, most definitely can’t live without ‘em. While we aren’t encouraging you to skimp on your cleansing routine, it’s advised to keep it as brief as possible. That means leaving the razor blade at home or opting to wash your face in the sink instead. You’ll get in and out quicker, and your classmates will thank you.

5. Leave without wiping down your equipment

Aside from it being the right thing to do, not cleaning your equipment after you use it is just straight up unhygienic. Do us all a favor: If you’re using equipment in class that could use a wipe down, please don’t skimp out on the cleanup job.