The Latest Workout Trend Can Double As Community Service

We’ll be the first to admit that multi-tasking is our favorite. If we can cross a few things off our to-do list at one time, well…it’s pretty much perfection. The latest workout trend to take over Instagram helps you to get your workout in while doing some community service, too and we’re huge fans. 

We’re talking about “plogging.”

Where did the name come from? (Because we know you’re all wondering.) Plogging is basically a combination of jogging and picking up trash.  “Plocka upp,” is the Swedish term for picking up, so that’s where the “pl” comes from. Pretty catchy, huh?

If you search the hashtag #plogging on Instagram, you can see that the trend has been going strong in Sweden since 2016 and we love that it’s catching on here in the United States. 


©© No bag no problem. Hiking this 6 miles to put it in a bin. #plogging #ploggers #plogga

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Time to be more environmentally conscious while we get in a run, but be careful jogging while carrying all that trash. 


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