9 Fitness Brands You Don’t Know About but Should

If you’re going to the gym, you might as well do it in style — at least that’s what we believe. Yes, there’s a time and place for your old high school sweats… but Pilates might not be one of them. Believe it or not, clothes have a massive impact on your mood, habits and general well-being. By taking pride in what you wear — and getting lost in the world of online shopping — you might even see your motivation for exercise improve, your mood lighten and your confidence increase.

Nowadays, there are a million activewear and athleisure brands. We get it: It can be tough to navigate through them all to find the one that’s best for you. Here, we rounded up 8 fitness brands that you need to have on your radar.

1. Varley

This lifestyle brand is internationally focused — and Instagram famous. The brand says that its clothing — mainly leggings, sports bras, tops and swimwear — fuses London’s elegance with the active Los Angeles lifestyle. Now that sounds like a dream come true (especially once you spot the marble print leggings).

2. Prism Sport

For Prism, “the difference is in the details.” It’s as simple as this: performance, fashion and function rolled into one. If you’re looking for bold prints, geometric details and eco-friendly workout wear, this is the brand for you.

3. The Body Department

Because words matter. The Body Department is all about wearing your heart — and mind — on your sleeve. Choose from a variety of athleisure looks sporting phrases like “Running (late),” “Coffee + Cardio” and “Flexin.”

4. Yellow Willow Yoga

Who cares if you have an incredible outfit if your yoga mat is boring AF? If you’re a die-hard yogi, then these stunning printed mats from Yellow Willow Yoga — floral, marble, watercolors and more — will make for a top-notch Instagram pic (along with a solid foundation for any yoga or Pilates class).

5. Albion Fit

This Utah-based company gives new meaning to “lifestyle brand.” The colorful prints and playful outfits are appropriate for work(ing out) and play. Oh, and its swimwear is to die for.

6. Flō

Yogis, listen up! Flō only sells leggings and sports bras — for now. The best part? They’re at a reasonable price point (especially given the cute styles).

7. Heroine Sport

If Sporty Spice had to pick an activewear line, it’d be this one — no questions asked. Heroine Sport is proof that fashion and sports are better together — have you seen their metallic sport shorts?!

8. Vimmia

Let’s face it: There’s nothing worse than adjusting your sports bra mid-burpee or pulling your droopy leggings up every time you recover from a frog jump. Fit matters, and Vimmia has perfected a precision fit that will work for just about everybody. This Los Angeles-based brand wants you to find your “life force” — and you might if you’re wearing a pair of their sleek moto leggings.

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9. Beyond Yoga

As the name implies, these stunning sets will take you beyond the yoga mat. Brunch? Check. Class? Check. A lazy Sunday? You name it. This inclusive brand ranges from XXS to XXL, making sure that every woman feels — and looks — her best.

So yeah, you can thank us later. Oh, and then tag us in your Instagram post rocking your new outfit!

Amanda Garrity is a commerce editor and content producer living in New York City. She finds every excuse to go on an adventure, whether it's in her own backyard or across the country. She enjoys hiking, pretending she's a prima ballerina and drinking an abundant amount of coffee. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.