7 Amazing Sheet Masks You Need to Try After Class

If you’re a regular class-goer, you know the countless benefits exercise can offer your body, mind, mood and more. While the endless perks are worth it in every single way, you also probably know that a heavy sweat session can leave your skin feeling irritated, red, puffy and sometimes even pimply.

While sweating doesn’t directly lead to breakouts, sweat can contribute to blemish-clad skin when it’s not being cared for in the proper way. In other words, if you’re not taking care of your skin pre- and post-workout, your pores are left susceptible to the dirt and grime it’s exposed to during your workout. Luckily, a solid skin care routine, including a regimen of nutrient-containing sheet masks, can help. Here are some of the best ones to use in the hours after you exercise.

For Sensitive Skin

Especially in the winter, a hot and sweaty workout coupled with the colder air from outside can cause irritation and excessive dryness to your skin. Find relief in this sheet mask made from 100 percent natural extracts, namely oatmeal extract (which is known for its soothing properties). While it’s great for all skin types, it’s especially ideal for those with sensitive skin since it’s free of parabens, naturally made and dermatologist tested.

St. Ives Soothing Oatmeal Sheet Mask, $3

For Breakouts

If banishing breakouts is a top concern of yours, especially given the sweat, dirt and germs lurking around many fitness studios and gyms, this vitamin C-enriched mask is just what you’ll want to wind down with. It’s infused with lemon peel, grapefruit and witch hazel — all ingredients that work to minimize pores and keep blemishes under control.

Yes to® Grapefruit Correct & Repair Pore Perfection Mask, $16

For Dry Skin

Perhaps the best thing about this mask, aside from its insanely nourishing abilities, is that it’s formulated for all skin tones, from normal and combination to oily and sensitive. If your skin is feeling particularly dry and dull after your workout, this algae-derived rubber mask will not only help calm, cool and soothe your skin, but it will also rejuvenate your skin to leave looking it brighter and more awake. The formula also contains a berry complex that contains salicylic acid to help keep breakouts at bay.

Dr. Jart+ Firm Lover Rubber Mask, $12

For a Deep Cleanse

If you’re looking for a mask to deep cleanse your skin, look no farther than this two-piece sheet mask that’s tasked with the difficult, but totally doable, job of eliminating environmental toxins from your skin. It’s made with mineral-rich volcanic ash (yes, seriously!), which possesses purifying properties to de-clog pores without that too-tight feeling you get with traditional mud masks.

Patchology SmartMud™ No Mess Mud Mask, $26

For Soothing and Revitalizing

The secret soothing ingredient in this revitalizing sheet mask is Avene Thermal Spring Water, which contains hydrating and anti-irritating properties. It is alcohol- and fragrance-free by nature, as well as biodegradable. The serum has a pleasant scent much akin to the smell of fresh cut roses, which is equally as soothing for your post-workout relaxation session.

Eau Thermale Avène Soothing Sheet Masque, $10

For Invigoration

Before you knock this one due to its exorbitant price tag, know that it comes in a pack of 10 masks, so, in essence, you’re only paying $17 per sheet mask, which puts its price tag on par with most other quality masks on the market. This one is great for all skin types and is formulated specifically to treat dullness, uneven texture, dark spots and dryness so you’re left with clear, conditioned, radiant-looking skin.

SK-II Brightening Derm Revival Mask, $170

For Detoxifying

You may not have heard of this mask’s all-star ingredient: purple broccoli. Who knew such a hue existed for the cruciferous veggie — or that it possessed such powerful skin-clarifying capabilities? Due to its high level of antizymes (kind of like enzymes), which contain a bevy of antioxidant properties as well as chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, it reduces redness and hyperpigmentation and protects skin from harmful toxins in the environment.

Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask – Brightening, $6

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