You’ll Swoon Over Carrie Underwood’s Workout With Her Son

What’s the one thing that can take your class experience to a whole new level? A workout buddy, of course! They keep us in check, in the right form and make sure that skipping class just isn’t an option. One of our favorites, Carrie Underwood, has the absolute cutest little workout partner to make sure her workout game is on point. 

Underwood, 34, is blessed with a son, Isaiah, 2, and a husband who both do a great job of making sure she never skips a sweat sesh. She shared a photo of her son on Instagram this past weekend working on their squat game. She captioned the photo saying, “My boys make workouts fun (and a bit less productive, but that’s ok)!” 

Talk about killing it in the gym and making family time count!


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