The Best Workout for However You’re Spending Valentine’s Day

What are your plans for February 14? Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner or some chocolates and wine, the best date you can make is with your body. Yep, that’s right. This holiday calls for an excuse to bask in love, so start with you this year. Whether you’re single, recently out of a relationship or the other half in a power duo, there’s a perfect class waiting for you.

Here’s what to do if…

You’re in a new relationship

Wahoo! This is a fun time full of mystery, excitement and joy. It’s also a time when you’re learning about your new partner’s likes, dislikes, goals and struggles. You want to keep your workout lighthearted and fast-moving, giving you both a chance to laugh and connect. Try a boxing class where everyone has their own bag or a boot camp class that splits up into teams. Both of these high-energy workouts will leave you sweaty and ready to talk about the adventure you just had together.

You’re in a long-term relationship

Even if you’re in a happy, healthy relationship, you may sometimes feel complacent or a little bored. But hey, it happens and instead of looking at it as a negative experience, consider it a challenge to both your personal routine and your relationship habits. Look for an interesting, unique class, like a trampoline workout, an aerial yoga class or a Parkour class that’ll leave you (literally) swinging from the walls. Another fun idea? Indoor rock climbing

You just broke up with someone

As tough as it is to go through a difficult break-up, the good news is that exercise is a fun way to relieve stress, increase your endorphins and blow off some steam. Turn the conversation of Valentine’s Day away from your break-up and focus on small, tangible things that make you happy. This is a time to go to your favorite studio, the one where you feel loved, appreciated and challenged to be your personal best. And if that happens to be a class where you do burpees until you can’t move anymore, you do you. The key is to get out of your head and into the workout.  

You think Valentine’s Day is silly

Though it’s simply a day to celebrate love, there are plenty of reasons not to prescribe to the chaos of Valentine’s Day, regardless of your relationship status. If you want to get away from the hearts, romance and flower deliveries, try an indoor cycling class. Since most of these sweat seshes are in the dark, it’s a good time to set your focus on the present and pedal as hard as you can. No red gear required.

You’ve been single forever

It might feel like everyone around you is paired off on Valentine’s Day. Don’t let that bother you. Throw on a swimsuit and take to the water! Amp up your energy and work through a deep-water running class without worrying about getting your hair wet. If you feel like being sociable, sign up for a high-energy salsa dance class. Who knows? You might just get swept off your feet.

You prefer to work out alone

Maybe you’re single, or maybe you’re in a relationship. Either way, you’re all about flying solo when you sweat, and that’s a-okay. It’s a good idea to focus on taking classes that will teach you more about your body. Pop into a barre class and learn moves that will strengthen your muscles, nurture your flexibility, improve your posture and boost your spirits.

You’re celebrating with friends

Isn’t this the best way to ring in Valentine’s Day? Grab a group of your besties and sign up for an upbeat cardio dance class. It will be a blast to let loose with your friends as you work your body. If your group is a bit more daring, sign up for a martial arts class together.

Dana Baardsen is a social media editor and freelance health writer and coach in New York City. She manages the The Health Ring, which she founded in 2013, and loves blowing off steam in her favorite fitness classes!