6 Fitness Goals That ClassPass Can Help You Achieve

From crushing fitness goals to meeting new people — everyone has a reason why they signed up for ClassPass. No matter what that reason is, we aim to provide the greatest experiences both in and out of the studio by giving them access to the best fitness options in one membership.

While no two fitness journeys on ClassPass are the same, we’re sharing some of the top reasons why people sign up.  

1. Recover from an injury

ClassPassers aren’t letting anything stop them — many are including classes in their injury recovery program.

2. Train for an event

The competitive spirit is alive and well! ClassPassers are using their classes to train for events like marathons and fitness competitions.

3. Meet new people

You’re never too old to make a new friend. ClassPassers around the world are meeting new people through group fitness.

4. Start a new fitness routine

Ready to try something new? ClassPassers are! Many of them are looking to get out of their comfort zone in fitness and in life.

5. Get more variety in your routine

ClassPassers are spicing things up by looking to add more variety to their fitness routine through our service.

6. See a change in your body

Change can be healthy and ClassPassers know it. Many of them are aiming to see a change in their body as they experience top-notch studios and amazing classes.


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