‘Walk and Talk’ Therapy Is the New Thing and It’s Legit

If you’re seeking a new approach to therapy, you’ll probably be super interested to find that the latest practice, Walk and Talk therapy, is gaining major popularity and there’s research to back it up. 

Sounds like something we would love!

First things first. Traditionally, movement or fitness of any type is something done outside of your therapist’s office, but modern therapy is starting to combine the two because of how much of a positive impact it’s making on patients. 

Clay Cockrell, a movement therapy practitioner and founder of Walk and Talk Therapy in New York City told Glamour, “when I have clients that prefer to sit in an office, they take a longer time to make progress.” Pretty interesting. 

“[With therapy,] there’s this very stereotypical image of Freud and a couch in people’s minds, which many find intimidating and not at all appealing,” says Amanda Stemen, a clinical social worker based in Los Angeles. “We need to broaden the understanding of what therapy actually is and all the methods in which healing and growth can occur.”

I know how much a trip to my favorite class can feel like a much-needed therapy session, so having the opportunity to combine the two seems like it can reap rewards and help make progress.

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