Brother And Sister Lost 140 Pounds Using Three Simple Rules

It’s no secret that siblings share a pretty special bond, but it’s also no secret that sometimes they may share the same challenges. So when life gets you down, who better to stand by your side and take on the challenge with you? Your siblings! This brother and sister duo lost 140 pounds by supporting one another and we are giving them a huge round of applause. 


Kevin and Lindsey Minnick both fell victim to weight gain early on in life. Kevin was in a motorcycle accident at age 18, which contributed to his 110-pound weight gain, while Lindsey suffered from the notorious “freshman 15.” Their weight became a major concern to them and the people who love them most, so they finally decided to do something about it.

At the advice of Kevin’s girlfriend Megan, the pair both joined Weight Watchers and had great success with the program. It was the first step that really helped them get things back on track.

Then, of course, fitness followed and Lindsey became hooked on spin class. “There is something to be said for the competition that someone doing it with you brings to the journey,” Lindsey told Popsugar. “If I wanted to not work out and I saw Megan and Kevin working out, I was definitely hitting the gym even when I didn’t want to.”

The last piece to the weight loss puzzle was something I think we can all benefit from: support. They started reaching their goals because of the support they had from one another. They also started switching up their regular activities and changing what they thought of as fun and making everyday hanging out a more active experience. 

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